To make your event planning easier, the Ottawa Senators Foundation has developed a Tool kit. Once you register you will receive your full tool kit. Contact Jessica Crouch at crouchj@sensfoundation.com or 613-599-0223.

Ottawa Senators Foundation Community Event Tool Kit

Section 1: Ottawa Senators Foundation

  • About the Ottawa Senators Foundation
  • Your Support Team at the Sens Foundation
  • Sparta Cat Application
  • Prizing Support
  • NO Player Policy
  • Your Community Event plan: What to do and when to do it

Section 2: Roger’s House

  • About Roger’s House
  • Your Support Team at Roger’s House
  • Tours at Roger’s House and Rogers’ House Speakers

Section 3: Fundraising

  • Silent Auction Form and Silent Auction Excel Spreadsheet Template
  • Raffle Ticket Example
  • Sponsorship Example
  • Event Planning and On Line Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Pledge Form

Section 4: Promotion and Media

  • Ottawa Senators Foundation Promotion
  • Community Promotion
  • Logo Use
  • Media Release Example

Section 5: Charitable Tax Receipts and Licences

  • Canadian Revenue Agency Charitable Tax Receipt Guidelines
  • Charitable Tax Receipt Data Entry
  • Raffle Tickets and 50/50 Licenses

Section 6: Videos

  • Roger Neilson Video

Section 7: Website Resource

  • List of websites

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