How Your Donation Helps

How Does Your Donation to Roger's House Help?

Your donation to Roger's House provides for many services being offered including:

$25 Donation

  • Provides a star to our memorial wall to commemorate the life of a child/youth
  • Provides toiletries for personal care of children/youth
  • Provides the supplies for bi-monthly pet therapy for guests at RH
  • Provides craft activities for the children for a week
  • Provides food for a day for a family of four staying at Roger’s House
  • Warms the living room by supplying natural gas to the fireplace
  • Allows contact with the outside world for families, children and youth through monthly wireless internet service

$50 Donation

  • Provides nutritious meals for 1 week for a child/youth at Roger’s House
  • Enhances quality of life by providing satellite television for a month

$100 Donation

  • Provides the supplies for a special party for families ( e.g. Halloween, Christmas, etc)
  • Pays for medication and medical supplies for a child for a week
  • Purchases a baby sling and/or infant carrier that helps console crying infants

$250 Donation

  • Provides grief and bereavement resources (e.g. reading and audio-visual materials) for grieving families
  • Makes Roger’s House a safe and comfortable home environment by covering maintenance and repair costs for a month
  • Maintains Roger’s House fish tank which provides hours of pleasure to children, youth and families

$500 Donation

  • Provides supplies for handprints, scrap booking and photography which are used to make memories for families of their child
  • Provides two portable cots so that children can have friends sleep over at Roger’s House

$1000 Donation

  • Pays for the printing and distribution of the Roger’s House newsletter—an important means of communication with families and partners.
  • Funds comfortable linens for children/youths’ beds and family beds in suites
  • Purchases a pram to enhance the mobility and transportability of an infant
  • Covers registration fees for nurses to attend a conference, in order to network with peers and share knowledge about caring for children and youth with life limiting illnesses

$2,500 Donation

  • Funds the purchase of an oxygen saturation monitor that enhances the ability to monitor a child/youth’s vital signs

$5000 Donation

  • Makes available specialized equipment such as a multi-adjustable chair, special medication administration pumps to offer care and comfort to ill and dying children
  • Covers parking charges for families and volunteers for one year

$10,000 Donation

  • Purchases one fluid filled pressure reduction mattress that enhances comfort and reduces risk of pressure sores for a child/youth
  • Supplies a special hospital bed for a child, ensuring a safe and sound sleep
  • Provides a ceiling track system for the snoezelen room, thus improving accessibility and safety of children/youth and staff members

$15,000 Donation

  • Maintains the normal body temperature of a dying premature infant in a specialized warming bed

$20,000 Donation

  • Permits ongoing facility improvements and new equipment.

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